How Baby Boomer Helper Got Started

We found ourselves frustrated trying to navigate the mass of information concerning senior issues.

Finding free helpful information about Healthcare, Social Security, Veteran's Issues, Retirement, Money Management, Nutrition and Travel took a lot of time and searching.

When we couldn't find a site that did all that, we decided to create one.



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What's New:

Senior Scams

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Life Expectancy in U.S. Continues to Reach New Highs

demoThe CDC reports that younger Americans will have a life expectancy of 78.8 years. For older Americans women are expected to reach 81.2 years and men 76.4 years.



Possibility of Obesity Leading to Cancer in Older Adults

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About Us


In the Beginning:

tom and janet egelhoffBaby Boomer Helper is the brainchild of Tom and Janet Egelhoff, two retirees who currently live in Bozeman, Montana. The reason for starting this site was the confusion and frustration we both had trying to find helpful information about retirement, social security, healthcare, money management, veteran’s issues, travel and good nutrition.

We found many sites that were more than happy to sell us their products or services but we were never quite sure if the information was really beneficial or just a way to lighten our wallets.

We decided that there should be a site where people can go and get free helpful information on a host of topics, all in one place.

So, Baby Boomer Helper was born to solve that problem.

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How Does Baby Boomer Helper Make Money?


While our basic service of providing information and articles is free, Baby Boomer Helper may introduce additional valuable services with associated costs from third parties who are independent of Baby Boomer Helper.

Since our primary goal is to connect seniors with expert information on healthcare, social security, retirement, healthy living, money saving, nutrition, veterans issues, travel, that are relevant to them, we may also collect revenue from such third parties.

As Baby Boomer Helper traffic grows, we hope to add some advertising to help support, and offset the costs, of maintaining the Baby Boomer Helper free information web site.

We will never, under any circumstances, sell or share, your individual personal information with these third parties, or anyone else, without your expressed written consent.


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Tom's Story:


Tom Egelhoff CuChi Vietnam 1965-66 US ArmyTom Egelhoff is a Vietnam vet who served with the 588th Combat Engineers headquartered in CuChi, Republic of South Vietnam. Tom left military service as a non-commissioned officer with the rank of Sgt. E-5. He served his country from 1965-1968.

He is a columnist and contributing editor to “Vetrepreneur Magazine” a publication that reaches business owners who served in the military.

Tom has spent over 50 years in sales, advertising and marketing. At last count, Tom has worked with 25 different companies in 18 different industries.

Tom is also an Amazon Best Selling Author of the book, “How to Market, Advertise and Promote Your Business or Service in Your Own Back Yard (Wiley).”

He is also the author of “How to Market, Advertise, And Promote Your Business or Service in a Small Town,” which has been a textbook at both the University of Alaska and Missouri State University.

His third book is, “The Small Town Advertising Handbook: How to Say More and Spend Less.”

He started the “Small Town Marketing”web site in 1998. The site has over 400 pages of free information and tips on advertising and marketing for small business owners located in small towns. The site received around 1,000 unique visitors each day and is one of the longest continuous web sites on the Internet.

Tom also provides small business seminars and workshops nationwide on advertising, marketing, and how to use social media.

tom egelhoff, AM 1450 KMMS, Bozeman, MontanaTom currently has a weekly business radio talk show that streams worldwide called “Open for Business.”He also writes a daily blog for the radio station on a variety of topics.

In his spare time, Tom is also active in volunteer work in his adopted hometown of Bozeman, Montana. He has served on the Chamber of Commerce Board, United Way Board, Pioneer Museum Board, Junior Achievement Board, past president of his local SCORE Chapter and Past President of Kiwanis.

Tom officially retired in December 2009.

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Janet's Story:


Janet Egelhoff has had a long successful career in retail management. In 1980 she became an assistant manger at “Stroud’s Linen Warehouse,” a chain similar in size to “Bed, Bath and Beyond,” in San Diego, California.

Janet moved up quickly becoming a manager or her own store then promoted to a regional manager for the chain. She oversaw five San Diego stores, one in Orange County California and two in Las Vegas.

When Janet moved to Bozeman, Montana, with her husband Tom, she quickly found she was overqualified for most retail management jobs in a smaller community. But she was not finished helping people by any means. She became a volunteer at the Shelter for Battered Women helping women and children escape abusive situations.

reach, inc non profit developmental disabilitiesIn September of 1998 she joined Reach, Inc. Reach Inc., a local, private, non-profit organization that’s been providing services to adults with developmental disabilities since 1974..  

Over the next 15 years Janet supervised three teams of people that were responsible for the care of clients of the organization.

Janet officially retired in November 2013.

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Baby Boomer Helper Future Goals:

baby boomer helper goalsIt’s not easy to define future goals when you have no idea how much future you have left. But, we felt that helping seniors like ourselves was a goal worth pursuing.

Our goal with this site will be to do as much research as we physically can to find the best sources of information on the seven topics we’ve selected as important to most seniors.

Those topics are healthcare, social security, veteran’s issues, retirement planning, money savers, healthy living and travel.

Your goal is to help us if you can. If you have a favorite site that you feel more seniors need to be aware of we’d love to hear about it and provide that information on this site. You’ll find our contact information at the bottom of every page on our site.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Baby Boomer Helper and hope that you find the information helpful and informative. Please return often as the site will be constantly updated.

We both wish you the best of luck for a long, healthy and prosperous retirement.

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Free Information to Help Seniors Live Long, Happy, Healthy, Successful, Productive Lives
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